Apple to Add Second Manufacturer to Meet iPad 3 / HD Demand?
News from Touch Reviews:

Digitimes recently reported that Apple is looking to add a second manufacturer for its tablet computer in order to meet demand for the rumoured iPad 3 / HD, this fall. Media outlets across the web have been abuzz about a rumoured iPad 3 to be released this fall, although many are led to believe that such an early release is very “un-Apple like”.

Digitimes is confirming this claim of another tablet to be released in 2011 by mentioning that Apple is bringing a second manufacturer on continues on Touch Reviews

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Apple Seeks to Halt Imports of HTC Flyer Tablet, Droid Phone
News from Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. (AAPL) filed a patent- infringement complaint against HTC Corp. (2498) at the U.S. International Trade Commission that seeks to block imports of the Taiwanese phonemaker’s phones and its new tablet computers.

Apple accuses HTC of infringing five patents related to software architecture and user interfaces in portable electronic devices, hardware for touch screens and movement sensors, according to the complaint filed July 8 in Washington.

The patents cover “groundbreaking technologies developed by Apple in conjunction with the development of its innovative iPhone, iPad and iPod touch products,”…………… continues on Bloomberg
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